Monster Drink Pictures

monster drink pictures
What kind of parasites a cat can have…?

…except worms? I found some weird parasite in his drinking bowl in 3 different occassions. Twice, right after he got dewormed by the vet. The vet warned us that the worms might be coming out in the litter box, but she didn’t tell me it could be coming out of his mouth ALIVE! Is it possible? Anyway, it was 3 weeks ago and today I found another one swimming in his water bowl, not the same shape, a little bit bigger than a long grain rice and it’s brown in color with legs (ewww!!). I need you to list me the names of all kind of parasites possible so I can look up the pictures online and compare them with that tiny monster.

I’m going to see the vet tomorrow morning and I put the ‘worm’ in a ziplock bag to show it to her. But I’m really curious as what it could be. Thank you.
Sorry, not ‘bigger’ than long grain rice, I meant ‘longer’.

Hi there… there are so many types of worms that if you could save a sample and bring this in with a fresh fecal sample the veterinary clinic can examine them further to determine which type of worm in order to prescribe the proper dewormer.

Intestinal worms:

Common worms your pets can pick up by University of Illinois
College of Veterinary Medicine:

[edit] I think Kim may have a good idea. Mosquitos will lay eggs in stagnant water so if you are not changing the water daily this could be a possibility. Here are some photos of mosquito larvae to help you determine if this is what you are seeing:

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