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Drinking Water And Your Health

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Now, takes the woman who drinks water, more and more were more; But will drink truly the human, will be actually few in number. Does not select the time to drink, not to haggle over that the content drinks, does not use one’s head drinks . Can only prove that you are only drink water, actually not necessarily drinks the right water. Becomes for one kind of popular age in this cherishing body, once was considered the simple drinking water, also do not an inadequate profound knowledge. The water more and more is now more precious, looks like barrow county water restrictions. Here introduces drinking water and your health.

1. Early morning cautiously makes up the water

After many women getting out of bed, water the fountains potable water regards as the daily schoolwork, attempts its Run intestines bowel movement, reduces the blood viscosity, lets give people a hard time seems juicy. But how does the morning make up Shui Caigeng the health? Actually, does not have the fixed regulation, the breakfast to make up the water also to be different from person to person.

Becomes emaciated, the skin is white, the physique cold person, is not morning suitable to drink is lower than the body temperature the milk, the fruit juice or cold water, may trade makes tepid the soup, the gruel.

Presses out the fruit juice not to suit the morning empty stomach fresh, even if must coordinate the breakfast in the summer to drink together.

Morning makes up Shui Jiyan, the hot pot thick bouillon, the salty wonton soup does not suit the morning, this will aggravate the morning body’s hunger to be thirsty only.

2. Before meal, makes up Shui Zuiyang the stomach

Before eating meal, must make up the water? That will not be will dilute the gastric juice influence digestion? Before the western-style food has the step which meal, whets the appetite, its truth lies in using the soup vegetable transfers the appetite, lubricates the esophagus, to dine makes the preparation. Then, before meals makes up the water also to have the similar significance, before entering solid food, the small feast half cup (100 milliliters, may be approximately) the first room temperature fruit juice, the yogurt, may also be the tepid crystal sugar chrysanthemum water or the light tea, or is a small bowl thick whets the appetite the soup, is very good raises law of the stomach.

3. Drinks the water which cannot see

Some people seem do not drink water day in day out, that is because absorbs by food in the moisture content already enough dealt with needs. Food also contains water, for instance rice, the water content achieves 60%, but the gruel, was the watery enriches. Opens food to become the chronometer not to be difficult to see, the vegetables fruit’s water content surpasses 70% generally, even if one day eats the 500g fruits and vegetables only, can also obtain 300~400 milliliters moisture contents (to have two bosoms yo). Adds the daily diet to be fastidious does thin matching, therefore obtains 1500~2000 milliliters moisture contents from three meals a day food not to be difficult. Was inferior that makes up the water fully using the three meals a day feed’s opportunity, chooses the fruits and vegetables and not the salty soup gruel, makes up the water effect to be good.

4. Remembers the favorable food with a high water content

The so-called advantage food with a high water content is refers to can increase the bodily moisture content bowel movement food, like the watermelon, the coffee, the tea and so on include the diuresis ingredient, can promote the kidney urine formation; Also has the coarse edible grain, the vegetables fruit and so on to include the meals textile fiber, can in the intestinal tract union massive moisture contents, increase the excrement the weight; The pungent stimulation’s ingredient can promote the body surface blood capillary’s diastole, lets the human sweat profusely, the body surface moisture content outflow.

Makes up is also good favorable, also good, is achieves the body water balance the method.

5. Drinks to heart’s content has nothing to do with the cosmetology

The body will lack the moisture content, the skin seems will not have the gloss dry; The potable water too few also easy to occur then does, even the constipation, the skin is very easy to live the small smallpox smallpox. Although so, solely depends on the supplement moisture content is limited to the skin nature and the skin color influence, but the present very many increase Vitamin’s drink has played the cosmetology sign, for instance one kind includes Vitamin B6 including the young drink inside, its product declares ” Can make skin lubrication delicate ” , but the present includes this kind of ” Cosmetology Vitamin ” The drink also really many. In the legitimate nutriology monograph had not mentioned that as soon as its cosmetology function, is good is taking in many not to have the danger, two may also prevent coronary disease’s occurrence, also calculates beneficially harmless.

6. In water ” Murderous intention “

After the running water which boils includes possibly has the carcinogenicity high chlorine compound, if (overnight) the water quality will have the aging after the long time laying aside.

Now each kind of service water processor also in abundance is taken to the threshing ground, once was fashionable for a time similarly the mineral spring pot, such equipment existence following maintenance’s question, is similar to a drinking fountain, becomes the source possibly which the tap water two times pollutes.

7. Drinks the movement drink the knowledge

Around the strenuous exercise cannot make up the clear water, also cannot make up highly concentrated the fruit juice, but should make up the movement drink. In the movement drink should include the few sugars to divide, the sodium salt, the potassium, the magnesium, the calcium and many kinds of water-soluble Vitamins, supplemented that in the movement the body loses and needs. Drinks the clear water to be able to create the blood to dilute, the perspiration quantity sharp increase, further aggravates the dehydration. In the fruit juice the high sugar density has caused the fruit juice by the stomach evacuation time expand, creates in the movement the stomach to be ill. In the movement drink the special design’s inorganic salt and the sugar density will avoid these untoward effects. The movement drink’s temperature is also fastidious, excessively high does not favor reduces the body temperature to radiate, excessively cool will create the gastro-intestinal tract convulsion, generally should the feeling in the mouth cool, temperature about 10.

8. Vigilant sour odor drink

Each kind of fruit punch uses the citric acid to make the taste medicinal preparation, the citric acid edible many excessively, the massive organic acid enters the human body suddenly, when the amount of radiation surpasses organism para acid handling ability, will cause in vivo PH the value not to be balanced, causes acidemia’s production, will make the human to be tired, sleepy. Specially in midsummer, because the weather is burning hot, the perspiration are many, the human body can lose the massive electrolytes, like potassium, sodium, chlorine and so on alkalinity the ingredients, the massive sour odor drink is easier the body fluid to assume the acidity. Therefore, is not suitable in the summer excessively drinks the increase organic acid the sour odor drink.

9. Sweet drink trap

If thirsty time what first thought is the drink, but quite dangerous. But happy, the snow blue, the fragrance reaches the sugar content is 11%, surpassed the watermelon, the apple, the citrus fruits and so on to be very many a kind of fruit, tin of 350 milliliters might happy contain the energy equated in a slice of bread, corn or the 250g fruit. Each kind of fruit juice sugar content with this quite, even must be higher than it. The pulsation, her/he, the activation and so on seems the water Vitamin drink also includes 3% sugar minute likely, if drinks a big bottle (600 milliliters), the influence is quite considerable to the body weight. Also indeed has heard some people, because the storm drinks the sweet drink to suffer from diabetes’ misfortune.

10. Pale salt water fault

The pale salt water is refers to is equal to the physiological density salt water, in every hundred milliliters including the 1g about salinity, it has several uses in the daily life: First, after big perspiration, supplemented the body loses moisture content and sodium; Second, after the diarrhea, supplemented that loses the moisture content and the salt by the intestinal tract, maintenance electrolyte balanced; Third, the pale salt water rinses mouth can eliminate in oral cavity’s bacterium, reduces the mouth to swallow the inflammation which an inflammation creates.

But, the pale salt water does not suit the heart function not to be good, human who has hypertension drinks, specially in morning, when blood stickiness is highest, drinks the pale salt water to be able to aggravate the mouth to do, the promotion blood pressure elevates.

11. Sees through ” Pattern ” Water

The pure water, has removed each kind of microorganism, the impurity and the beneficial mineral substance after the multiple filtrations, what is prominent drinks the security, it is one kind of soft water, many people thought that its insufficient nutrition, drinks the disadvantageous health for a long time, but this viewpoint had not been confirmed.

The mineral water, is a natural resource, mines by the stratum deep place, includes the rich rare mineral substance, assumes the alkalinity slightly, should be more advantageous to the health, but does not remove the organic matter pollution the possibility.

The mineral substance water, in the pure water according to the artificial mineral water which the human body density proportion increase mineral substance concentrated solution configuration becomes, symbolizes the tap water science and technology new altitude.

12. Will like the movement being probable to make up the water

The movement makes up the water to grasp following principle:

a. cannot be thirsty when only then makes up. When feels is thirsty, loses the moisture content has reached the body weight 2%.

before, during and after the b. movement must make up the water. The movement previous 2 hours make up 250-500 milliliter; Before the movement, instantly makes up 150-250 milliliter; In the movement every 15~20 minutes make up 120-240 milliliter; After the movement, according to the movement in the body weight loss quantity, body weight each drop 1qiang must make up 1 liter.

13. The attendance makes up the water not to be wise

The body is at the steady state time, every day made up water 1000~2000 Bo to rise, to let the urination maintains normally clear abundant may. But if aware or not on own initiative massive potable waters, this had the question. First, explained that your body is at possibly dehydrates the condition, places the high temperature environment, massive perspirations or massive feed salinity possible billion this kind of situation, then makes up the water is necessary; Next, if has the hyperglycemia, the pituitary gland or the kidney function unusual situation; Or is in the feeling prosperous, to have a fever and so on in the infectious diseases; Also or has the uninary system inflammation, even is a hyperuricaemia patient, that may also the driving massive potable waters. But a healthy persons, in did not feel that in the thirsty situation the potable water surpassed 2000 milliliters/days really not to be unnecessary, that just was tests own kidney function repeatedly.

14. The Vitamin C drink drinks uselessly

In the new going on the market drink were very many includes Vitamin C, the Vitamin C profit from does not need saying that to prevent lacks, the daily human body needed to supplement 60~100 long and fine hair g. ” Cool ” The Vitamin C content is 3~30 long and fine hair g/100 milliliters, ” Pulsation ” For 25~50 long and fine hair g/100 milliliters, ” Her ” Is 15 long and fine hair g/100 milliliters, i.e., drinks Vitamin C which this kind of drink bottle obtains to be able to satisfy the daily required quantity. If then, you drink 2 bottle, 3 bottles, even are more? Can have the Vitamin C poison situation? Is good is broad in the Vitamin C margin for safety, but do not think that it is the better and better, excessive takes in can cause the uninary system stone, permeable diarrhea as well as large dose Vitamin C dependence sickness.

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