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Clinical Uses of Kangen Water in Hospital Treatment

Clinical Uses of Kangen Water in Hospital Treatment

There are now hundreds of hospitals, big and small, in Japan that use Kangen Water as a part of their medical practices. The following list illustrates some most common usage scenarios with different illness cases.

1. Various Types of Cancer

This is perhaps the poster boy figure for the recent Kangen Water phenomenon. It just seems to work very effectively, whatever type and stage your cancer situation might be.

A few years ago, there was even a public project, organized by a veteran nurse who helped ALL of 30 terminal cancer patients she took on recover from the death bed, all within months, by simply giving them this Kangen water. While the amount of water the patients had to drink (4 to 10 liters a day) and the types of cancer (from breast, bladder, lung, liver, stomach, small and large intestines, prostate to even leukemia) varied, all of the patients had been diagnosed as terminal from their previous doctors. Simply awe-inspiring!

2. Rapid Reduction in Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes Patients
It is observed that about 80% of diabetes patients who started intake of Kangen water showed lower blood sugar levels within 2 weeks.

3. Rapid healing of Gangrene of the Lower Limbs, due to Diabetes
At Kyowa hospital in Kobe, Japan, at least 2 diabetics with lower limbs gangrene, who had not shown signs of recovery despite months of pharmaceutical treatment, saved their limbs within a month after they turned to drinking of Kangen water and soaking in strong oxidized water.

4. Rapid Improvement in Patients with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis
A representative case was that of a 60 year old male patient. Improvement was noted in his hepatitis and cirrhosis one month after starting intake of Kangen water. Thereafter, all treatments, including medications, IV’s and diet were discontinued and after 6 months of Kangen water as a sole treatment, his liver function had returned to normal.

5. Rapid Healing of Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers
A 40 year old patient had endured repeated attacks of duodenal ulcers over the last 12 years. After an incident of attack, she started to drink Kangen water (1-2 liters a day). Within a week, improvement was noted. An inspection with a gastric camera showed no remaining ulcerations. The result surprised the hospital director, who personally attended the testing, as well as the patient herself.

There are great number of cases in which there has been no recurrence of ulceration as long as sufficient Kangen water intake continues.

6. Rapid Improvement in High and Low Blood Pressure Levels
It is not unusual for patients who have had high blood pressure for many years to find that they can control it with simply drinking sufficient Kangen water within months.

7. Improvements in Asthma, Skin Rashes, Atopic Dermatitis and Nasal Allergies
One female patient suffered from atrophic dermatitis from shortly after birth until age 26. She had tried fasting, vegetarian diet and a variety of other treatments, all to no avail. Her dermatologist even refused to continue seeing her. Just one month after she began drinking Kangen water and applied strong oxidized water externally, she had experienced about 80% improvement in her condition.

8. Improved Kidney Function
Instances of dramatic improvement have been observed in cases of chronic nephritis and impaired kidney functions with Kangen water.

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